Wash It Up (Let It Go – Frozen Parody) [college work]


There’s grease all over the dirty pans,
Not a clean plate to be found,
A sink full of dirty dishes,
And mess all around,
Parents are howling for the kids to wash it up,
I can’t say no,
And now I can’t give up.

Let the water run,
Like a soapy sea,
I dropped a cup, oh no, now make that three,
Conceal, don’t squeal,
Don’t let mum know,
Well now she knows.

Wash it up, wash it up,
Can’t put it off anymore,
Wash it up, wash it up,
Even though I’m sick of chores,
I don’t care,
About these grubby plates,
I’m bored of this,
The mess never bothered me anyway.

It’s funny how some dirty forks,
Make parents really mad,

But they’re adults, they control me,
And these rules make me so sad.

It’s time to see what’s left to do,
There’s six more mugs, I thought just two,
No spoons, no knives, nothing easy,
Help me.

Wash it up, wash it up,
There’s too many pans that fry,
Wash it up, wash it up,
I think I’m about to cry,
At the sink I’ll stand, at the sink I’ll stay,
Until it’s all gone.

There’s soapy bubbles in the air and on the ground,
My sponge is spiralling across the dishes all around,
And now they’re sparkling like a crown of shiny jewels,

I washed up everything and now I feel so cool.

Washed it up, washed it up,
Parents don’t have to live in fear,
Washed it up, washed it up,
The perfect daughter’s here,
I dried it all up too,
And put it away,
The washing up is done,
It didn’t bother me very much anyway.


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